Dave Chandre

I’m a husband and a father of four….                                                              Dave 55

It seems I have always been surrounded by photography. I was heavily influenced by my father who was a mechanical engineer by trade but always an artist. He was involved in photography, painting and wood working. He brought both his engineering knowledge and artistic skills to his projects and I believe growing up witnessing that blended approach has allowed me to observe life with a diverse and creative eye.

I have a great interest in many different aspects of photography. I focus in the areas of sport action, portraiture, urbex, landscape and street photography.

– Dave Chandre


2 Responses to Dave Chandre

  1. Mary Lee Barrett says:

    I am assuming you do not do weddings? Have always loved your work so thought I would double check.

    • Dave says:

      Hi Mary Lee:
      My apologies, I believe I’m just seeing this now. I wanted to confirm for you that I do not do weddings. Valo Photography in Milwaukee does a great job.

      Have a great New Year!

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